Types of Flowmeters – Water Meter, Air Flow Meter & More

There are many sorts of flowmeters and flowmeter-related hardware accessible on the Australian commercial center. These incorporate, yet are not restricted to, modern and sterile turbines, variable region flowmeters, stream transmitters, stream alerts, stream pointers, expert clinical gas flowmeters, multipulse positive uprooting flowmeters, cluster meters, inclusion meters, electromagnetic flowmeters, water meters and water system meters.

B.E.S. Flowmeters is an Australian firm  đồng hồ nước that has been functional since the mid-eighties. B.E.S. is one of Australia’s driving suppliers of stream meters, water meters, grouping frameworks and other related types of instrumentation. They stock unquestionably the greatest items from the absolute best makers of estimation and control instrumentation for the cycle business.

The accomplished experts at B.E.S. will inform you on the most ideal decisions regarding hardware for your particular necessities and prerequisites concerning water meters, stream meters and air meters. The flowmeter items supplied by B.E.S incorporate, yet are not restricted to. GPI modern/sterile turbines and helper electronic frill, MPB variable region flowmeters, transmitters and stream alerts, Flomec positive uprooting flowmeters, Trimec multipulse flowmeters, Macnaught M series, B.E.S cluster meters and inclusion meters.

The item range at B.E.S additionally contains the Sitrans magflo electromagnetic flowmeter, as well as the B.E.S line of water meters. These items set up with their experience and mastery in the business make B.E.S. an all in one resource where you can effectively address all of your metering needs and prerequisites.