Top 15 Multiplayer FPS Action Games

These are as I would like to think the main 15 multiplayer FPS activity games right now:

1) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

2) Battlefield: Bad Company 2

3) Call of Duty 2

4) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

5) Counter-Strike: Source

6) Battlefield 2

7) Call of Duty

8) Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

9) Team Fortress 2

10) Medal Of Honor Allied Assault

11) Call of Duty: World At War

12) Crossfire

13) Counter-Strike

14) Combat Arms

15) Half-Life 2 (All Mods)

These are the most played shooter games right now, hence the best as of now. Obligation at hand 4: Modern Warfare has just been overwhelmed by Modern Warfare 2, however this happened uniquely for 1 or 2 days, when Modern Warfare 2 came out. MW 2 is an exceptionally fun game, with a great deal of variety and surprisingly however it’s not as adjusted as Call of Duty 4, it is certainly an extremely enjoyable to play game.

Right now, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the most played game on PC after World Of Warcraft. The equivalent was Counter Strike 1.6 when it came out and it ruled the market for a very long time. Then, at that point, Counter Strike Source came out, fundamentally similar game with further developed illustrations. Likewise, Counter Strike Source was the last game to hold the number 1 spot as the most played computer game on PC before World Of Warcraft came out.

I believe that if Valve could choose to deliver another Counter Strike, it may turn into a “danger” to World Of Warcraft mastery and it will accept the number 1 spot as the most played fps or shooter game.

One more shooter that came out and immediately snatched on of the best 3 spots is Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The inquiry is presently: How long is it going to endure up there? We’ll need to keep a watch out that.

The Call of Duty series have been extremely fruitful . Honorable obligation and Call of Duty 2 were the ones to open the way to progress for the accompanying games. With  win its creative game play, the capacity to point down the sight and the inclination you get while playing it, being in World War II, these 2 games have impacted the world forever in the main individual shooter games.

Wolfenstein is perhaps the best shooter there. An exceptionally unique story with Nazi zombies just as an intelligent game play with a ton of special visualizations, this game has made it into the best 15 most played fps games.

Crossfire and Combat Arms another 2 incredible fps games, every one of them with an alternate story and an alternate set play. Various weapons, maps, game play yet these establish an extraordinary climate in both of these first individual shooters.