The Hunger Games Official Trailer – Detailed Review

1. The originally shot acquaints us with District 12 . It’s more provincial than I had initially envisioned. Actually, when I think modern dystopian setting, I consider more concrete, dead vehicles dissipated, perhaps some surprising innovation. Assuming this was a post conflict North America, however, in a mining state, this is presumably much nearer to what it would resemble. I think the huge thing to recall is that the Capitol needs to monitor everybody. The main innovation the regions have is what the Capitol will permit. They likely got the region free from any advanced remainders other than whatever they control.

2. The fence. Of everything in the trailer, for reasons unknown, the fence irritated me the most. I generally envisioned it as being a lot taller, substantially more modern and restricting. This seems as though a basic cows fence. I guess that is all they would have to take care of business, yet it actually didn’t fit with how I had figured it should look – what might be said about you? Furthermore assuming that is the most awful thing about the trailer, I believe we’re looking very great!

3. Storm and Katniss . I realize it’s now been said, yet their discussion appears to come so normally. Very much like they are the lifelong companions they ought to be. Liam Hemsworth was the one projecting decision that I was fairly uncertain of right away. I actually don’t think he very appears as though the individual I envisioned, however up to this point he appears to be an incredible Gale, and that what is really significant. The science is there, yet doesn’t appear to be exaggerated, which I am grateful for. A great deal of things in the trailer don’t look exaggerated, which truly helps make everything meet up in a significantly more genuine manner.

4. Katniss hunting. Simply a fast shot (in all seriousness), yet Jennifer Lawrence appears to be OK with a bow, regardless of whether the past screen-cap showed her holding it a piece strangely. I will keep with my hypothesis that she was amidst calling attention to her objective, which is the reason her hands were off. Assuming there is one thing that Katniss needs to do, it’s shoot a bow with certainty.

5. The air cushion vehicle. This is perhaps when they see 메이저사이트 Lavinia running from the Capitol, later to turn into an Avox. However this doesn’t really occur in the primary book, timetable savvy it could squeeze into the principal film. It may likewise be something in accordance with additional peacekeepers coming in for the Reaping, or something conventional like that. It’s truly difficult to get an excellent look at the air cushion vehicle here, yet significant is the means by which boisterous it is. Except if I am misremembering, aren’t the air cushion vehicle portrayed as being totally quiet? Somebody help me over here?

6. The Reaping. We previously had a brief look at every one of the possible accolades in their best garments. It’s great also consider everything to be one scene now. I realize a many individuals needed to see the Reaping in the trailer and I think they settled on a decent decision by placing it in. It is particularly significant for the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea about the story early. I truly like that as of now we are seeing the enormous TV screens. TV, broadcast, and purposeful publicity, are generally so vital to the story, I hope to see things like this all over the place. We additionally have a pleasant chance of the Capitol’s seal holding tight a red pennant.

7. Effie. Perhaps not quite so pink-haired true to form, but rather still incredibly unpleasant, awkward, and Capitol-esque. Her intonation, as well, is right on target to what I heard in my mind. Kind of British, yet not exactly. She wasn’t exactly as “flouncy” as I had envisioned, yet the Reaping is an exceptionally formal event, so there is a lot of time for that later on.