Steroid Creams for Eczema – Uses and Side Effects

That is why, according to tropical hydrocortisone, a low-dose GCS (glucocorticosteriods) is a typical steroid that is used on sensitive skin in your face. As it has low-dose steroid, it has very few side-effects; and hence the reason why it is prescribed as steroid creams for eczema. Still, as cautions, you should be very careful while applying because steroids are very dangerous for eyes, even when they are in low-dosage.

Why Steroid Is Used

Eczema is a skin condition in which red, itchy patches of skin appear on your face. This is a type of skin inflammation, and occurs as explained by when cells produce inflammatory chemicals against an irritant. The steroid in steroid creams for eczema prevents this reaction from happening when absorbed by the skin. It just relieves the symptom; you have to treat the cause differently.

How Steroids Are Used

Steroids used in steroid creams for eczema is classified by potency level which ranges from high to low potency, according to experts in For a rash or outbreak, yourRad-140 SARMs dermatologist will probably start with a cream that has lowest potency level. If that does not work, then only steroid creams with higher potency level will be prescribed but for a limited time frame. That is done to make sure there is as little side effect as possible. As notices, a cream with high dose of steroid will only be prescribed if you have an extreme rash condition. After the cream brings the rashes under control, a lower dose cream will be prescribed in its place to control further symptoms.

Side Effects Of Steroid

The reason why even low-dosage steroid creams for eczema should be used with extreme care is because steroids have many dangerous side effects, as NetDoctor cautions. Even the low-dosage ones can thin your skin and produce permanent stretch mark. It can also temporarily lighten the area where you have applied it or permanently enlarge the underlying blood vessels! In some cases, these creams become the reason for further worsening of the rash! Extreme side effects of the creams, as cautions can include glaucoma and even cataracts when applied near the sensitive eye areas!