Fantasy Football – Draft or Auction?

Tradition has a lot to do with it, and the answer that many draft fans will give for not changing is that the draft works fine. That is perfectly true, but the auction also works fine, and also better. It is fairer and also a lot more interesting, and demands more thought when buying players because it introduces the concept of spend capping. You all start with the same pot to spend, and have to balance your stud players with the rest.

Quite frankly there nothing wrong with the old serpentine draft apart from the fairness and the fact that you don’t have to know much about football! If you are happy with that then there might be no need to change. However, the auction format demands a bit more knowledge about the game and the players, and an ability to look ahead at what is expected once the season starts. Kickers, for example, often don’t show their merit until a few games have been played. If they start hot they generally stay hot for the season, so you could get a great deal if you wait before buying your kicker.

You could spend the bulk of your allowed cash on a great player that UFABET ลิ้งค์ทางเข้า gets injured in the first game, and your second choice might suddenly assume a lot of importance. The auction format is definitely a lot more interesting and more fun. Some fans of the draft claim that the auction takes longer, but it actually doesn’t. They take about the same time on average, and even if it did, so what? It’s supposed to be fun, not boring where you want it over as quickly as possible.

To those that claim that the auction format takes more thought, if you don’t want to use any thought then you should get out of fantasy football altogether. Again, it’s meant to be fun and the more you have to think about it the better. If you are undecided about draft or auction in your fantasy football league, and are not sure about how the auction is carried out, here is how it goes: and this will demonstrated the fairness of the system in comparison with the good old serpentine draft.

At auction time there are two ways of doing it, one taking longer than the other, but both equally as fair in the selecting of players. Each owner starts of with the same pot of money, say $250. Each owner is allowed to nominate one player for auction, and there are then two ways of proceeding: